Slices is an open-source content management system built with Ruby on Rails

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Design & Editorial Control

Slices allows true creative freedom for your content. Each Slice is a modular block that you can style and tweak to your specifications, load with content and place anywhere in your page. Drag and drop Slices to rearrange the page, without touching any code!

Advanced Asset Management

Keeping track of images and brand assets is a breeze with Slices. Drag and drop files from your desktop, replace images in the Asset Library, and effortlessly see where an image is used on your site.

Structured Sitemap

With the entire hierarchy of your website laid out simply, it’s easy to create and manage large site structures. Create blog entries, control your site’s navigation and change URLs without a headache.

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Who is Slices for?

Developers: Slices is for Ruby developers looking for the perfect CMS for their projects. Powerful features can be created without expert-level knowledge.

Users: Slices’ ease-of-use puts the control in the user’s hands. The simple interface and reusable Slices remove the clutter from content creation and allows unfettered creativity.

Sites using Slices

Open Source

Slices is absolutely free and open source, so you can extend its functionality to fit your project. If you know Ruby, you know Slices. Get involved and shape Slices to your needs!

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